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Decorative Lighting

LED pixel lighting affords the ultimate control over your LED lighting. Pixel lighting is used with digital controllers that allow the user to program and fully control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs, depending on the product. This granular level of control allows pixel lighting products to create a dazzling array of lighting effects. Because of the digital nature of LED pixel products, the controller has to be able to communicate with the pixel lighting in the correct data format. Pixel Lighting, which mainly refers to the direct-looking round-shaped single-pixel luminaires with less than 10watts, is mostly used for the outline lighting of the building, or large building's media facade lighting for long-distance viewing.
Product Image (LED Motif)

Decorative LED Motif Light

A decorative image or design, especially a repeated one forming a pattern. It is usually used for outdoor decorative lighting to be installed on Street Lights Poles.

Product Image (In-direct Pixel)

In-Direct Pixel Lighting

In-direct Pixel Lighting

Product Image (Direct Pixel)

Direct Pixel Lighting

Direct Pixel Lighting


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